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Living Sober was established to provide effective solutions to men and women with alcohol problems in the Redcar & Cleveland area.

The region currently has one of the highest number of alcohol related hospital admissions in the North East England. Further evidence suggests that alcohol related harm and problematic use costs over ¬£20 billion a year, with alcohol related injuries and illnesses costing the NHS up to ¬£1.7 billion a year. Living Sober is committed to helping and rehabilitating those who are dependent drinkers and seen by many to be a ‘drain’ on society.

The directors and volunteers have over 50 years experience in all aspects of recovery, including assessment, detoxification, residential rehab and critically long term aftercare for those who want to remain sober. Everyone in the team has been there, done that and even worn the t-shirt! Using our experience we will show our clients how we overcame our drinking problems and provide and example of what living sober really means.

It cares passionately about those members of society and is dedicated to providing the right kind of support to rehabilitate them back into the community.

This dedication to rehabilitation will benefit not only the individual but also the family members and the local community as a whole. Living Sober’s philosophy is one of total abstinence from alcohol for those who are dependent drinkers. It believes strongly that this type of drinker requires long term recovery and Living Sober and its team is there for the individual at every step, through care (detox and rehab) and after care for as long as required.

The organisation continues to go from strength to strength with over 75 clients achieving over a years sobriety . Twenty have returned to work, another 20 are re-training or in education and nearly all are reunited with friends and family. All have become assets to society, rather than been an expensive drain.

Find out more about some of our success stories or contact the Living Sober team to see how we can help.

August 29th, 2014


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Living Sober helped me so much, I have now gone 4 years without a drink.