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Our Stories

Our Stories

Experience Strength and Hope from some of our members


I am a 44 yr old sober alcoholic, until the age of 42 I was an active alcoholic who had no hope.  Years of drinking had cost me everything I had desired in life.  I started drinking at the age of 14, self harming at the age of 16, first arrest at 17 and only having a love for alcohol and football violence.  Alcohol gave me a warm glow confidence and a feeling of superiority.  As the years progressed so did the drinking, arrests, job losses and my defiance to authority.  By my late 20′s to early 30′s everything I did involved alcohol, it was with me 24/7 : at work, at home, at football and even whilst driving. I had lost all control over drinking. Read Danny’s full story


I started drinking when I was about 15 and it did something magical for me, it allowed me to be the person I always wanted to be but couldn’t be without it, I had found the answer, I never felt comfortable with me. Over the next few years I went to university where it was party time, I had 3 children, moved to various different parts of the country, had a few different jobs, I  drank periodically without any major consequences.

Read Tina’s full story


Because I’m an alcoholic I can’t go to the pub and have three pints then go home, when I drink I drink untill I pass out.  For as long as I live I can never use alcohol safely.

I came to the point where I was drinking forty or more units a day, I thought to myself  ‘I can’t go on like this, i’ll have to stop drinking but then in the same instant i thought ‘how do I stop’.  I had drank that much and for that long that I didn’t how to stop drinking.

Read Mike’s full story


I had always drank from being a teenager. In the early days it was fun. Alcohol gave me confidence, helped me gain friends and made me feel as though I belonged.
Over the years it took on the additional role of a coping mechanism for dealing with death, stress and financial worries.

Read Kate’s full story


I first came to recovery three years ago. At that time I was working full time with a city centre apartment and a relationship. I knew I drank a little to much but really didn’t see that I had much of a problem with alcohol, besides at 26 I was much to young to be an  alcoholic wasn’t I?

Read Anthony’s full story


My home life when young was not very good I had an alcoholic father. I grew up very insecure constantly bullied at school. I longed to fit in and have friends but I never did.

I was sixteen when I left home. I was always with my cousin who I grew up with, we went clubbing did lots of drinking; I always thought I had some control over my drinking in the early days.

Read Sarah’s full story


My name is Carl and I am 56 years old and an alcoholic! it has taken me over 10 years and a lot of pain to accept the fact.
I’d struggled throughout my life with my thoughts and emotions, family, daily living and friendships. From an early age I used alcohol to make me feel better and to cope with life and day to day issues.

Read Carl’s full story


I can remember being around the usual people as a child.  Parents, other family brothers and sister, but I didn’t feel part of it all.  In my mind I felt different from other people and was often called a black sheep.  I used to hide in cupboards alot so I could be by myself in my own world.  I felt safe and happy when it was just me.

I discovered alcohol when I was around 15, from then on I never had just one drink. As soon as I had the first one I became the person I always wanted to be, loud, outgoing and friendly.  I realised for the first time that I was accepted and it felt great to be normal and wanted. Read the rest of Andrea’s story


As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months I have experienced bad thoughts and feelings, but I have also experienced so many good thoughts and feelings I didn’t think could happen to me.  I am now so much happier with a way of life I didn’t think I would ever experience.

View Tamara’s full story


Being in recovery has improved my life massively. I’ve been on a counselling course at college which taught me a lot about myself. I participated in a sponsored swim for Children in Need and actually swam a personal best! I attend a variety of courses which has really opened my mind and made me realise that I can achieve anything and that really, anything is possible.

Read the rest of Tracy’s story

August 29th, 2014


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